I Joined the LOL Club

30th June 2015 was a Tuesday. I will always remember 30th June 2015. It marked the end of my so called government servant status.

Finally, I joined the so sought after 'LOL' group. You know ... Lady of Leisure. Or, more known as the 'YB' by my friends. Again, you know ... Yang Bersara. Hahahaaaa (evil laugh). Excuse me, but I remembered feeling so 'free' the day after.

We had a brief farewell in school on the 30th of June 2015. I was too busy crying that I didn't notice if any of my colleagues or any of my students shed tears that same day like I did. I didn't care anyway ...

I had mixed feelings. I was supposed to be happy, wasn't I? But ... deep down, I was so depressed. I had to suppress the sorrow that tried to surface, to no avail. I was then carefully putting my farewell speech in order. But the moment I mentioned my students, hell broke loose. I felt the warm tears finding their way out at all corners of my eyes.

But that was then. Today is another story. :)
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